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Project 5 – Project Portfolio Blog

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Creating blogs and professional web-pages is important in business. Online blogs and websites are a way to showcase your career assets and business in a more efficient and accessible way. The last project for our technical communication course required us to create a blog to showcase the technical documents we have written throughout the semester. This page you are currently viewing is the portfolio blog that is our final project.


Project 4 – Instruction User Manual

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User manuals are an important tool necessary for complete understanding of a task at hand. Businesses universally use manuals as a way to communicate simplified steps on how to install, use and effectively maintain their products. Colleges and Universities also provide user manuals for learning platforms such as Blackboard that make maneuvering through the system’s functions much easier and efficient. For this project, we were asked to create an instruction manual for certain features on Blackboard.

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Project 3 – Written Report

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Reports are an essential communication tool for businesses. Written reports are essential in providing information accurately and efficiently when dealing with changes within the business or investment aims. For this project, we were instructed to write a report which aimed to provide important information on potential companies we could invest in. The report highlighted necessary information about the companies and ultimately provided an informed opinion on which potential companies our business should invest in.

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Project 2 – Job Application Packet

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For this project, we were asked to create four technical documents important for employment seeking and application. The project involved searching for a prospective job on and creating the application packet for the sought after job. The overall contents of the packet include four technical documents: letter of introduction, a resume, a list of references, and a follow-up-letter to the simulated employer.

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Project 1 – RGV Therapeutics Letter Project

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For this project, the class was directed to work with a scenario that involved writing several important documents to a business owner of various physical therapy centers. I was the managing partner and human resource director of RGV Therapeutics and was asked to produce three written documents to respond to the change in legislature that changed the way our company did business. As part of the project, an e-mail, a memo to company employees, and a response letter to the Department of Health and Human Services were created.

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